Gaglione Strength Presents:
Wrestling Strength Programs
Specifically Designed For Athletes
Just Like YOU!

When: Monday, Wednesday Friday at 4:45pm & Tuesday Thursday at 6pm (7:15pm In Season)

Where: Gaglione Strength 32 Allen Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY, 11735

Are you are tired of

Getting out muscled?

Not having anything left in the 3rd period?

Injures during the season ?

Not knowing which foods to eat to get the body you want?

Not performing your best when it matters most?

The good news is Gaglione Strength has the solution to YOUR dilemma!

Guys here is what to expect from Gaglione Strength

  • You’re going to learn how to TRAIN the BEST way for the for the RESULT YOU want
  • You’re going to be around coaches and other athletes who can RELATE to YOU and YOUR goals
  • You’re going to have access to a coach who will answer ALL of your training and nutrition questions
  • You will get a CUSTOMIZED routine based on your SPECIFIC needs and current level of fitness no matter if you are looking for fat loss, muscle building, or improved athletic performance.

So I am sure you are wondering …
“What can I expect while going through the program?”

  • Your body is going to look AND feel the best it has ever been
  • You will become leaner, have more strength, and more stamina than ever before
  • You’re going to BE and FEEL more confident when you step on the mat
  • You will never be afraid to going into the 3rd period or even triple OT
  • You’re are going to have a stronger body AND mind inside and outside of the gym
  • You will be proud to answer when your friends ask “How did you finish up this year?”
  • You’re going to a positive support group that you can ALWAYS count one when things get tough


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“You Are More Than Just A Trainer To Him…

Dear Coach Gaglione

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for Joseph. Not only have you given him the strength he needed, but more importantly you believed in him. With you believing in him, Joseph was finally able to believe in himself. Without you in his corner, he would not have gotten as far as he did. You are more than just a trainer to him, you are a GREAT ROLE MODEL.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have and continue to do not only for Joseph but my girls as well.

You are the Best,
Marylou Russ mother of Joe Russ Catholic State Champion

“Your motivation… makes lifting, getting stronger, and achieving goals fun and attainable”

Hey coach, just stopping by to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. Its almost been a year I have been working out at the gym and I have made exponential improvements. With your motivation and time you put in to helping everyone who is a member it makes lifting, getting stronger, and achieving goals fun and attainable. Thanks for everything and can’t wait for a big summer of training

– Robert R. All County Wrestler

“I used to get bullied around…After I started coming here I…WAS the STRONGEST guy in every single one of my matches”

“I used to get bullied around in a lot of my matches and frequently got injured. After I started coming here I started being the aggressor and WAS the STRONGEST guy in every single one of my matches. Strength was never an issue and best of all I never got hurt. With my new strength I was able to achieve my goal of becoming an All County wrestler my senior year.”

– Dan C. All County Wrestler

“The athletes trained by Coach Gaglione are physically dominant on the mat”

Coach Gaglione trains several wrestlers on our team. The first thing you notice is the difference in appearance of these athletes, which is nothing compared to their increase in performance.

The athletes trained by Coach Gaglione are physically dominant on the mat. Knowing they have the strength advantage allows these wrestlers to enter every match with confidence.

Coach Gaglione gives our team the tools they need to be successful; I wish our entire team trained with him.

-Pete M. Wrestling Coach

“You have been making me a better athlete since the day I met you”

Hey coach i just wanted to say thanks for getting me started as a wrestler, I’ll never forget the first coach to show me a sport that I loved. On top of that you have been an amazing help in the weight room and my strength is at level it has never been at before. You have been making me a better athlete since the day I met you and i know next year will be my best season yet thanks to your help.

-Mike L. County Finalist 

“After 4 years of training…I achieved a 500 trap bar deadlift and a 225 pound bench press”

“I started training with John in the 9th grade. I didn’t have much discipline and wasn’t much of an athlete.. I came to John Gaglione because I wanted to get better in wrestling and football. I wanted to gain more strength and discipline After the first couple of months of training with John I already saw improvement. After 4 years of training I improved drastically. I achieved personal best of a 500 trap bar deadlift and a 225 pound bench press.

I also improved in my speed in football, which helped me earning a starting position on the team. I wrestling I also improved drastically as well finishing the season with 19 wins and 2nd in my conference, which qualified me to wrestle in the county tournament. Working out with John was a life changing experience.”

– Cory G. League Finalist for Wrestling

“The workouts I was doing before just didn’t cut it. I was able to win a lot of matches, but always had a hard time with the stronger kids. The workouts were very beneficial and made me strong enough to reach my goals!”

Dan Spurgeon NY State Champion 50-0 Long Island Record in Wins for Undefeated Season Long Island, NY

“I started training with John Gaglione in the summer going into tenth grade. I was just recently brought up to varsity football and after hearing a lot about the success of the guys he trained, I figured that training with him would be a great idea. I originally trained with him to become a very good football player.

During my sophomore wrestling season, I trained with Coach Gaglione, and I feel that it was his doing that got me really into wrestling. I continued to train consistently with him right through my senior wrestling season. Coach Gaglione was a huge part in helping me win two section 8 wrestling titles and going all state twice, because he always pushed me to train and improve, even when I did not want to.

He always pushed me to be the best that I could and training with him has really paid dividends. My strength, flexibility, and over all athleticism has improved greatly since I have been with him. I plan to continue training with John throughout my college wrestling career. Training with him has been great and I attribute much of my success to him.”

Dave Ng
Two Time County Champion, Two Time All State , NCAA Qualifier
4 Year Starter Harvard 

“John Gaglione began training me in the spring of 2008. I had somewhat of a background when it came to lifting however; John helped reach my full potential mentally and physically as an athlete. John began our training by teaching me a lot of lifting technique. Once he felt that I had mastered the technical aspect of the lifts he started to let me add weight. Throughout my time training with him my numbers went up dramatically. I remember specifically that spring not being able to dead lift 315lbs on a trap bar and by the time it was early august I was dead lifting 500lbs. Most importantly John didn’t just make me a good weightlifter he made me a great high school athlete. His lifting program obviously carried over to the football field and wrestling mat. That fall I was named a football captain for my varsity football team where I was a starter on offense and defense. My team ended up playing for the Nassau county championship and I was named all conference.

I continued to train with John through the fall and winter of that year. He developed a great in season weight lifting program, which helped me maintain the strength I had obtained during the spring and summer. This was a direct contributor to my success in wrestling season. That season I finished 3rd in the Nassau county wrestling championships at 171lbs. One of the biggest thing that I feel goes overlooked is the fact that I have been injury free ever since I started training with John. John’s training programs aren’t just targeted to make you strong, but also to keep you healthy. When training with John there is a big emphasis on injury prevention. Currently I am at the second level wrestling for Springfield College. John as helped me make it here and I am going to continue training with him.”

Nick Camera Springfield College Wrestling Captain and 2 Time All County




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100% OFF first consult & Trial Workout !