Gaglione Strength Presents:

Strong and Lean Program

Looking to Burn Fat and Build Muscle? Gain strength While Losing Weight?

Are you tired of…

  • Walking into the gym and not sure what to do?
  • Not being able to lose weight and gain strength?
  • Losing muscle mass as you drop body fat?
  • Not being able to enjoy the quality of life because of how you feel day to day?

If you answered YES to any of these questions the good news is we have the solution to solve your problem!

The truth is I’ve always been a big guy and I had no problem with that as a football player and powerlifter but being my best has always been my mantra and I wanted to get fit, lean and more cut.


When working out and training with the likes of Larry Wheels and Oak Strong, I developed a consistent routine that helped me lift successfully.  I started to see that if I truly want to be at the top of my game I had to level up by improving the conditioning of my body. My stiffest competitor was me, so I challenged myself to follow a program that had proven results. That program was the Strong and Lean system! At my heaviest I was 340 LBS and after 16 weeks I lost almost 60 LBS coming in at 279 LBS.


How I did it?

To get and maintain my “Gains” (no pun intended) I stuck to the principles laid out in the plan along with improving my diet with clean eating. In the process I was able to also smash a 780 lbs deadlift competition as well as 805 deadlift in the gym!

How does the program work?


The program is designed to …

  • Increase your work capacity and conditioning to help prepare your body for later phases of training
  • Teach you how to incorporate cardio routines alongside your strength training workouts that won’t zap your strength or leave you feeling beat up
  • Drop body fat and maintain strength and increase mobility
  • Build a foundation of conditioning so you can enter more advanced phases of training
  • Teach your body to control craving and get better eating habits

You might be thinking I am not an elite lifter so will this work for me?

This system that is co-signed and developed by John Gaglione of Gaglione Strength Gym that uses the program for novice trainees, world record holders and everything in between. The system can be adjusted to your personal needs no matter what  your level!

The truth is we use the same system for our novice trainees, world record holders and everything in between. The system can be adjusted to your personal needs no matter what your level!

Whether you are just starting out or a more advanced lifter looking to take some time off from competing and drop body fat this program is right for you! If you care about being strong, lean, fit and healthy this is a system that can help you get on the right path!

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