Gaglione Strength and Mind Plus Muscle Presents:

The Lift Like a Champion Mental Strength Workshop!

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Are you tired of…

  • Your mind messing with you when you go for a big lift?
  • Not having the confidence to perform on the platform?
  • Quitting on lifts you know you have the strength to lift?
  • Not being able to deal with failure and move forward?

If you answered YES to any of these questions we can help you BREAK THROUGH THESE BARRIERS

I am VERY excited to unveil my next product for everyone who has been following my articles and videos on the web, or perhaps you’ve heard about my methods and the results that have produced over 35 National ranked lifters!

Here is our Mental Strength Training Workshop that will allow you to train your mind to help you LIFT LIKE A CHAMPION!

These are the exact mental training techniques I have used with myself and with my team to help set national rankings and break records!

This 90 minute Workshop Video is designed too:

  • Allow you to turn failure into motivation so you can move forward even when things don’t go your way!
  • Help you to create a Focus plan so you know how to drown out all of noise in your head and execute your lift with precession
  • Build a  WELL OF POSITIVE  ENERGY  from your training to enhance your mental strength each workout
  • Teach you how Visualizations techniques to enhance your confidence and lower your anxiety during training and competitions
  • Train you to be   FOCUSED   ENERGIZED  and  CONFIDENT on Game Day


Who Is John Gaglione?

John Gaglione is a strength coach out of Long Island, New York. John trains a wide variety of athletes at his facility located in Farmingdale New York. He specializes improving maximal strength for all athletes and “average joes”.

He currently leads a powerlifting team of over 40 members. At the time of this writing he has helped over 50 lifters achieve national ranking in their division.

John has also written many strength and conditioning articles for major online publications such as Elite FTS, Testosterone Nation, One Result, and Men’s Health.

An avid strength athlete John also has a lot of “under the bar experience” and has competed in the sport of powerlifting for over a decade. His best competition equipped lifts are a 900 squat, 575 Bench, and a 640 Deadlift.




Why should you trust Dr. Bowman ?

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Dr. John J. Bowman is the Director of the Mind Plus Muscle Institute for Applied Sport Psychology. Dr. Bowman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Certified Consultant in Sport Psychology.

He is board certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and maintains a private practice in both Clinical Psychology and Sport Psychology. Since 1980 Dr. Bowman has served on the graduate faculty at Stony Brook University where he teaches the Psychology of Sport and Performance. In 1981 he founded the Mind Plus Muscle Institute for Applied Sport Psychology in Port Jefferson Station, New York where he has developed numerous performance enhancement programs including the Mental Training Room that is currently being utilized by athletes at major universities and Olympic training centers world wide. As the Director of the Long Island Marathon Psych Team, which he established in 1996, he trains psychologists to assist the runners in mental preparation for this challenging event.

An advocate of Sport Psychology Training at all levels of sport, Dr. Bowman has been a pioneer in the application of Information Technology to make Mental Training and Sport Hypnosis accessible to all athletes. Dr. Bowman is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Division for Exercise and Sport Science. He is a Certified Consultant in the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, and a member of the United States Olympic Sport Psychology Registry.

Dr. Bowman currently serves as the Sports Psychology consultant to Stony Brook University’s Department of Athletics where he provides both clinical and performance enhancement sports psychology services.


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